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automatic Carjack”


The work in this study is in general described, an electrically operated car jack. ,. The prototype includes motor powered by the dc battery. The motor with Sprocket and chain system will be the lifting mechanism. When the car needed to be lifted, give power supply to the dc motor through two way switch circuit. The common problem faced by the current available car jacks in the market is it is manually operated and needed physical effort to lift the vehicle. All the analysis and results such as the torque needed and gearing ratio is important in this project before needed to be developed. The developed automatic car jack is base on the result and analysis part to lift a Kancil car. The stress and

Von Mises stress are additional analysis on the gearing parts to know how much stress applied on the system to avoid failure. The developed automatic car jack is a success

which it able to lift a kancil’s car according to the set scopes.


A Carjack is a mechanical device that can increase the magnitude of an effort force. In this project we make a jack which will work automatically. In this project first of all we will make a Carjack with the help of bevel gears types some mechanism. Carjack is a very useful thing today but there are many heavy vehicle so working which a Carjack is very difficult to every person. So by keeping this concept in our mind we have made an automatic Carjack which is controlled by motor. We use a DC motor because the direction of rotation is very easily of Dc motor which is required for Carjack is very must.


Available jacks present difficulties for the elderly, women and are especially disadvantageous under adverse weather conditions. These presently available jacks further require the operator to remain in prolonged bent or squatting position to operate the jack. Doing work in a bent or squatting position for a period of time is not ergonomic to human body. It will give back problem in due of time. Moreover, the safety features are also not enough for operator to operate the present jack. Present car jack do not have a lock or extra beam to withstand the massive load of the car. This is for the safety precaution in case if the screw break. Furthermore, available jacks are typically large, heavy and also difficult to store, transport, carry or move into the proper position under an automobile. Suppose car jacks must be easy to use for pregnant women or whoever had problem with the tire in the middle of nowhere. The purpose of this project is to encounter these problems. An electric car jack which has a frame type of design by using electric from the car lighter will be developed. Operator only needs to press the button from the controller without working in a bent or squatting position for a long period of time to change the tire.


In order to fulfill the needs of present car jack, some improvement must be made base on the problems statement:

.1. To design a car jack that is safe, reliable and able to raise and lower the height level.

2. To develop a car jack that is powered by dc power and fully automated with a button system.










motorised jack with AC motor


When we supply dc voltage to two way switches, the dc motor starts rotating. As the freewheels are connected to the dc motor, hence the chain starts moving according to the speed of the motor. CAR JACK is attached with the second sprocket gear with the movement of the second freewheel it operates the car jack as well.


1. The developed automatic car jack can only withstand below 1000kg of load

II. The developed automatic car jack must be operated on a flat surface

III. The developed automatic car jack is only a prototype and not readily functioning as commercial product.

IV. The design is based on current scissor jack in the market.

V. The developed automatic car jack is only for normal person

VI. The developed automatic car jack can only work by using the DC POWER.


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