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Solar Spray Pump


Spraying of pesticides is an important task in agriculture for protecting the crops from insects. Farmers mainly use hand operated or fuel operated spray pump for this task. This conventional sprayer causes user fatigue due to excessive bulky and heavy construction. This motivated us to design and fabricate a model that is basically trolly based solar sprayer In our design, here we can eliminate the back mounting of sprayer ergonomically it is not good for farmers health point of view during spraying, in this way here we can reduce the users fatigue level. There will be elimination of engine of fuel operated spray pump by which there will be reduction in vibrations and noise. The elimination of fuel will make our spraying system Eco-friendly. So with this background, we are trying to design and construct a solar powered spray pump system. Now days there are non conventional energy sources are widely used. The energy which is available from the sun is in nature at free of cost. In India solar Energy is available around 8 months in year .so it can be used in spraying operation. Solar pesticide sprayer can give less tariff or price in effective spraying. Solar energy is absorbed by the solar panel which contains photovoltaic cells. The conversion of the solar energy into electrical energy is done by these cells. This converted energy utilizes to store the voltage in the DC battery and that battery further used for driving the spray pump.

In India there are different different types of sprayer can be used according to the grouth of different types of crops as fallow:

1)Hand operated sprayer.

2)Engine operated sprayer/fuel operated sprayer.

3)Electric motor pump sprayer.

1)Hand operated sprayer

hand operated sprayer is operated by hand so that the discomfort occur while spraying.

2)Engine operated sprayer/fuel operated sprayer

As we know that engine operated sprayer is working on petrol, petrol is costly fuel so in farmer economical point of view it is not good.

3)Electric motor pump sprayer

Electric motor pump sprayer is used electricity for charging battery in this way the pump can e drive according to battery charging, In the above sprayer there are some drawbacks such as

1)hand operated sprayer can not be use continuously spraying. We can say that it can not be use for long time.

2)engine operated sprayer can be operated on petrol so it is not possible to use every farmer.

3)here 70% of people can be live in rural areas. in rural areas there are insufficient electricity. so it is not possible to use electric motor pump for spraying.


  • Spray pump with efficiency

  • Easy to work with spray pump


  • Problem Identification

  • Solution for the problem

  • Selection of components

  • Implementation

  • Design Calculation

  • Results

Components List:

  • 1. Tank

  • 2. Solar panel

  • 3. DC Motor

  • 4. DC Battery

  • 5. Nozzle type

  • 6. Connecting pipe/boom

  • 7. charge controller

  • 8.Trolly Assembly

  • 9. Mounting element


Solar water Pump 4500
Solar water Pump 4500



  • More economical

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • It is a renewable energy source

  • It does not create air pollutant & noise

  • Easy to handle

  • Do not required fuel hence cost reduce for spraying

Future scope:

Electrical system can be added with the spray pump for rare applications.


The solar powered agricultural pesticide sprayer has been fabricated according to the design parameters My project aim was to confront the farmer while spraying due to trolly based sprayed here we can eliminate back mounting of sprayer and it is gud for farmer health point of view Economically

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