Synopsis on Automatic Brake System

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Automatic Brake System


The main concern behind this project is basically safety of the human. We see many accidents happen in our daily to day life in industries. So we are just trying to give an Idea how we can add safety techniques in industry machines.

In this project we made pneumatic based Automatic braking system using original pneumatic system. We used 10 inch Cylinder for this purpose. To control air pressure we used valves. For air pressure source we used compressor. We are also using saw tooth cutter and Ir sensors in this project. Whenever Ir sensor will detect a human hand coming in front of the saw tooth cutter they will put a break to the Cutting machine immediately and the saw tooth will Go down.

Pneumatic technology:

Pneumatic is a section of technology that deals with the study and application of pressurized gas to produce mechanical motion.Pneumatic systems are used extensively in industry, and factories are commonly plumbed with compressed air or compressed inert gases. This is because a centrally located and electrically powered compressor that powers cylinders and other pneumatic devices through solenoid valves can often provide motive power in a cheaper, safer, more flexible, and more reliable way than a large number of electric motors and actuators,Pneumatic also has applications in dentistry, construction, mining, and other areas.

The project is divided into 2 major marts.

1. Mechanical Design

2. Sensor circuit

Mecahnical Design:

In mechanical design we are using saw tooth cutter, Pneumatic cylinder, Solenide Valve, Air compressor, metalic stand and IR sensor.

Sensor circuit:

In sensor circuit we are using Power supply circuit, Micro controller, Relay circuit and Socket.

Block Diagram

Automatic braking system

Material Required:

  • Saw Tooth cutter

  • Pneumatic cylinder

  • Solenoid valve

  • Metallic stand

  • Ir sensor

  • Power supply circuit

  • micro controller

  • Relay

  • Socket


In this project we are using sensor circuit for the safety purpose.Whenever the Ir sensor will detect any humen hand in the range of ir radiations it will detect it and give a signal to the microcontroller. As soon as the microcontroller gets an electrical signal from the IR sensor it will switch the relays in off condition. Hence it will automatic put a brake on the saw tooth cutter. The solenoid valve is also connected to the socket, so it will also get switched off through relay circuit and the and due to that the pneumatic cylinder as well as the saw tooth cutter which is attched to it will also go down.


  • It can be used in industries for the safety purpose.

  • We can minimize the average of the accidents which are happening in our day to day life.

  • Very accurate and safe device to operate.


  • Easy to handle and easy to operate.

  • Less expensive.

  • Highly accurate.


After all the efforts we are successful in delivering our idea of the project in working condition. We can add some modifications in this project in future to maker the operation in much more easy and smoothly way.

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