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Automatic Cleaner


In recent years, automatic cleaners have taken major attention in robotics research due to their effectiveness in assisting humans in floor cleaning applications at homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, workshops, warehouses and universities etc. In this project we are trying make an automatic cleaner and drier which clean the floor surface and dry it by using a heat blower


In this project we are making an automatic cleaner which will clean the wet floor as well as dry it. We are using AC motor for rotating scrub pad through pulley and shaft arrangement. In this project we are also using heat blower so that we can dry the surface of the floor as well after cleaning it.

Material Required:

  • Metallic Stand

  • Tyre

  • Ac Motor

  • Heat blower

  • Shaft

  • Pulley

  • Bearings

  • Floor Cleaning Pad


Block Diagram:



In this project when we give ac power supply to start the ac motor which further helps in moving the Pulley and the shaft attached to it. As the cleaning pad is attached with the shaft it starts rotating at the same speed the shafts is rotating, the scrub pad starts cleaning the floor. The heat blower is used to dry the wet floor which has been cleaned by the scrub pad. Hence we get a clean n smooth dry surface which has been automatically cleaned by using this automatic cleaner.


  • Portable Device

  • Low cost

  • Easy to operate

  • Faster operation as compared to other cleaning products


  • It can be used as a cleaning device at AIRPORTS, BUS STANDS, RAILWAY STATIONS, because of its easy and handy operation.

  • It can be used by the patients which are suffering from Back pain issues.

Future Scope:

We can add Sensor circuits in this project so that it can automatically detect the surface which needs to be cleaned. So by adding external sensor circuitry we can make it an automatic robot cleaner which will be used for cleaning the surface automatically by sensing the objects.


After the project execution we our successful in completing the task of the project which cleans the surface automatically. A cheaper and user friendly automatic cleaner is made by using mechanical techniques.

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