Synopsis on Head Light STEERING

Project Synopsis


Head Light STEERING 


in this project we moved headlight using steering and gears. We used different mechanism from normally used. This mechanism is used because of low cost solutions. We used bearing based steering . When we move steering it rotate gear . Gear moves rack assembly.

We used 1feet length gear 12dp 1/2 nch x 1.2 inch mean teeth 12dp,face 0.5 inch ,width 0.5 inch . After that we attached rack with gears


6mm Iron strip 12*12 Inch 2

6mm Iron strip 6*30” 1

Ply Board 12mm

Sweeing machine 220 V 1

Crown pinion 1

Center bearing 1

1’’ L-shap iron strip 16 fit


Hex-saw Blade 1

Drilling Bit Holder 1

Bush 2

5 fit, 1” pipe 1


We rotate a motor with 220 Volt. This rotation is transmitted to the machining head by a shaft and the required operation is carried out. First of all we rotate pinion. This pinion is mechanically attached with crown and a round plate. Crown is directly connected with a drill bit holder and round Plate changes the rotation energy into horizontal movement with required mechanism. With this shaft one side a hex-saw is attached and other side a shaper is attached. At end of shaft we can connect more tools.



  1. Money saving

  2. Time Saving

  3. Efficiency increasing

  4. More output in less time



Base on the application of the device, I would say that it is very useful for small industrials, Carpenters,

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