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 Pneumatic based can crusher


In a continuously develop world, many things kept coming out as if there is nothing impossible anymore for something to exist. This may be part of how and why people manage to adapt to their new lifestyle. Taking a lifestyle as reason how people manage their waste disposal where right now we are directing my focus on how to reduce volume of
waste disposal occupied by cans usually aluminum cans, one of the suitable solutions to minimize the size of the can is by using the pneumatic can crusher.
Apparatus for crushing cans or the like comprises a conveyor formed from a plurality of endless chains cooperating with a fixed inclined crushing plate converging toward the discharge end of the conveyor. The crushing plate includes an actuator strip-like member hinged to the plate which when depressed engages an electrical switch to operate a drive mechanism for the conveyor. A can deposited into the apparatus depresses the actuator which operates the electrical switch to start the drive mechanism. The can is gripped by the chain conveyor and pulled downward between the conveyor and crushing plate flattening the can. When the flattened can exits the crushing apparatus the actuator is released stopping the drive mechanism. A support housing for the apparatus is provided with an opening for receiving cans which is spaced a distance from the crushing plate and conveyor to reduce the risk of injury.
Why is it important to crush a can?

When we drink beverage that we desire the most and finish drinking it till the last drop, surely that beverage can will be disposed into a garbage container. Now imagine that the can thrown into garbage and filled the garbage until it is full. The question is how do we reduce the space occupied by only cans? Of course by crushing them but do you consider crushing each can continuously by stomping it. These actions may somehow cause injuries to ankle more or less affecting your lifestyle. Therefore a device called pneumatic can crusher would help to settle those
entire uncrushed can effortless. Other than avoiding injuries, this device would contribute on good recycling habit where a person will be having fun crushing cans before they throw it away in garbage container.



Pneumatic Pump 12’’ 1

Distributor Single way 1

6mm Iron strip 12*12 Inch 2

6mm Iron strip 6*30” 1

Ply Board 12mm

Relay 12 Volt 2

Transistor BC 547 4

Transistor BC 557 4

Resistor 1K ohm 8

1000uF Capacitor 1

470uF 1

7805 1

Diode 4007 4

Transformer 12-0-12 1

Read Sensor 2


Pneumatic can crushers are powered by air pressure. This device is fitted with a pneumatic cylinder (pressurized tank) that pumps air with a tremendous force to set the crushing device into motion, which then falls onto the can. You have to just place the device in a chamber that is fitted with the crushing device. The chamber is completely enclosed for safe operation. Once the tool starts, you will get the desired result in seconds. Some models of pneumatic can crushers are designed to crush empty tins of around 10 liter in capacity. It can effortlessly reduce the volume of the tin to approximately 1/6th of its original size. The force of compressed air pushes a ram onto the tin and crushes it within 30 seconds.

A pneumatic can crusher is constructed from sturdy material and can easily crush 12 or 16 oz cans. These can crushers are robustly engineered to deliver a power-packed performance for years to come. You can find these devices at your nearest hardware store. You can always search the Web as there are a number of online shops that keep a variety of pneumatic can crushers to meet individual needs.

Mechanical Design



Base on the application of the device, I would say that it is very useful for small industrials, restaurants, bars and someone who likes to drink a lot and thinking of the important of more spaces that they would make if all cans were crushed before thrown away.

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