In the recent decades, Urbanization has increased tremendously. At the same phase there is an increase in waste production. Waste management has been a crucial issue to be considered. This paper is a way to achieve this good cause. In this paper, smart bin is built on a microcontroller with metal detector, dc motor and Ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic sensor is placed at the top of the dustbin which will measure the stature of the dustbin. The threshold stature is set as 10cm. Project will be programmed in such a way that when the dustbin is being filled, the remaining height from the threshold height will be displayed. Once the garbage reaches the threshold level ultrasonic sensor will trigger the GSM modem which will continuously alert the required authority until the garbage in the dustbin is squashed. Once the dustbin is squashed, people can reuse the dustbin. At regular intervals dustbin will be squashed. Once these smart bins are implemented on a large scale, by replacing our traditional bins present today, waste can be managed efficiently as it avoids unnecessary lumping of wastes on roadside.Foul smell from these rotten wastes that remain untreated for a long time, due to negligence of authorities and carelessness of public may lead to long term problems. Breeding of insects and mosquitoes can create nuisance around promoting unclean environment. This may even cause dreadful diseases.

Though the world is in a stage of up gradation, there is yet another problem [1] that has to be dealt with. Garbage! Pictures of garbage bins being overfull and the garbage being spilled out from the bins can be seen all around. This leads to various diseases as large number of insects and mosquitoes breed on it. A big challenge in the urban cities is solid waste management. Hence, smart dustbin is a system which can eradicate this problem or at least reduce it to the minimum level. Our present Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modiji has introduced the concept of implementing 100 smart cities in India. “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” was initiated to ensure a clean environment.


Pneumatic Cylinder

Solenoid valve

metallic dustbin

Power Supply Circuit

DC motor

Relay Circuit

Air Compressor

IR sensor


Metal detector circuit

Glass for compressing process


In this project, We are using 2 Pairs of Ir sensors which indicates two levels of the Dustbin. One of the level indicates that the waste material has been reached up to a certain level, after getting signal from this Ir sensor pair , the waste material is being compressed by a compressor which is attached with pneumatic cylinder. The other one is used for Indicating that the Dustbin is full waste material should be extracted Out RIGHT NOW. Ir Sensor sense the waste material and gives an output signal to the system drivers. After getting the signals from IR sensors, The attached circuitry perform their tasks of automatic compressing the waste material in dustbin and when the dustbin is full it automatically extracts the waste material out from it,


The invention as described in the drawing find applications in the following area:

a. Government-powered cities

b. Home

c. Offices

d. Industries, factories

e. hospitals

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