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Is anyone happy with the current situation of electricity in india? So this is our small step to try to improve this situation by our project. An energy crisis is any great bottleneck (or price rise) in the supply of energy resources to an economy. It usually refers to the shortage of oil and additionally to electricity or other natural resources. An energy crisis may be referred to as an oil crisis, petroleum crisis, energy shortage, electricity shortage electricity crisis. Some days before we had seen a torch which lights up when a mechanical force is applied on it by our hand. The basic principle what we noticed in this is conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy. So our project is to generate electricity from the speed breakers by the applying the same principle. We are trying to use the mechanical stress which is applied on the speed breaker to the electric current. By this approach we can able to use unuseful mechanical stress for the useful purpose. And thus we can use this generated electricity to lights up villages near highway. “next time on the road, don’t scoff at the speed breakers. They could actually light up small villages off the highway

How the speed breaker are useful for thegeneration of ELECTRICITY?

Next time on the roads, don’t scoff at the speed-breakers. They could actually light up small villages off the highway.

An amateur innovator in Guwahati has developed a simple contraption that can generate power when a vehicle passes over a speed breaker. Kankan Gogol, a small time businessman, has developed a mechanism to generate power by converting the potential energy generated by a vehicle going up on a speed breaker into kinetic energy. The innovation has caught the eye of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, which will fund a pilot project to generate electricity from speed-breakers.

The idea is basic physics. Gogol has welded five-metre-long metal plates into the speed-breaker instead of the conventional bitumen-and-stone-chip rumble strip. The plates are movable and inclined with the help of a spring-loaded hydraulic system. The fulcrum-attached plates are pushed down when a vehicle moves over them and bounce back to original position as it passes.

“When the vehicle moves over the inclined plates, it gains height resulting in increase in potential energy, which is wasted in a conventional rumble strip,” Gogol says. “When the plates come down, they crank a lever fitted to a ratchet-wheel type mechanism. This in turn rotates a geared shaft loaded with recoil springs. The output of this shaft is coupled to a dynamo to convert kinetic energy into electricity,” he explains.

IIt Guwahati has evaluated the machine and recommended it to the Assam ministry of power for large scale funding. A K Das, a professor at IIt’s design department says it is a ‘very viable proposition’ to harness thousands of mega watts of electricity untapped across the country every day.

“A vehicle weighing 1,000 kg going up a height of 10 cm on such a rumble strip produces approximately 0.98 kilowatt power. So one such speed-breaker on a busy highway, where about 100 vehicles pass every minute, about one kilo watt of electricity can be produced every single minute. The figure will be huge at the end of the day,” he said.

The Assam power ministry is expected to back the IIT pilot project.

Das says a storage module like an inverter will have to be fitted to each such rumble strip to store this electricity. The cost of electricity generation and storage per mega watt from speed-breakers will be nearly Rs 1 Crore as opposed to about Rs 8 Crore in thermal or hydro power stations

Material Required:

  • Angle frame
  • Connecting Wires
  • LED
  • 12 VOLTS battery
  • mild steel
  • welding arc
  • dynamo
  • pulley


When we apply brake, it produces some mechanical friction. We are using a dynamo over here to convert the mechanical energy into the electrical energy. So when ever we will apply some friction will be produced and the dynamo simultaneously will convert the energy into electrical. Further it will give electrical power to the led’s and the led’s will glow up.


We can use the speed braking system to produce electricity energy in trucks as well as bus system. We can also use this constructive electrical energy to recharge the battery as well. It can also be used to provide the power supply to the indicators so that if anyone is coming behind the vehicle will get an indication of the brake. It will help in reducing the accidental cases as well.



Money saving

Time Saving

Efficiency increasing

More output in less time


After all the testing we are successful in representing our idea of the project in practical way. The project on which we are working is working with very ease and efficient way.The speed barker is working in a right manner and it is producing energy when we put the brake some friction is produced by applying brake on it. A dynamo is being used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Dynamo delivers electrical energy hence it gives electrical output to the led. After getting the power supply from it the led’s glows up.

Merits of power GENERATION THROUGH speed breaker

At a very first glance, this project holds very less space to spread out it over the any road without encountering any problem of maintenance alike hydro power plant, steam power plant, etc. It’s taking very less floor area without getting the traffic obstructed on the road. On the other hand, it is even very suitable and convenient as simple energy conversion from very, not so complex, simple mechanism of cog wheels which are connected to motor assembly e.g. Crank-Shaft, Roller, and Rack- Pinion. But we are using Roller Mechanism.

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