Usually all the biogas digesters are use to produce methane gas and the size of thedigesters are commonly bigger in size. Some users whom live in poor conditions whichthat know the uses and the advantages of using methane gas wanted to have a biogasdigester at home and wanted to use the methane gas for replacing the cooking gas and togenerate electricity, because they cannot afford to buy cooking gas and pay the monthlyelectric fee.So, because of that they wanted to have a biogas digester, but according to theiraffordability, they still cannot have the biogas digester which is usually bigger in size.The only solution for them to solve this problem is to produce a mini biogas digester thathas same function with the bigger digester.The project involve the developing and analysis the body shape of the digester tomake it be more efficient to produce methane gas and also will concern about thestructure strength, durability, ergonomic factor and convenience. The new concept of thisdigester is also being more focus on the strength of its body. All the specifications mustbe verified to avoid materials and fund wasting. Overall process to design, develop andfabricate this digester required the skills of designing and fabrication and used all thebasics knowledge of Static, Industrial Design and Manufacturing Technology.

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