In this project work, two wheeled and one small supporting wheel self-balancing as well as manually balancing Mechanical Segway vehicle is prepared which is also known as a personal transporter Segway. The system is able to operate in transporter mode and robotic mode. The first goal is to maintain stabilization in pitch dynamic. This project focuses on to manufactured Segway without using any type programming & Sensors a state feedback to stabilize system on transporter mode. The system consist of forward and backward movement when the driver operating DPDT switch in transporter mode in order to stabilize body. Small wheel is used so that there is no need of gyroscope for balancing purpose. The aim of this project work is to build up at a very low cost, highly efficient rate and easy to handle and operating also. The tests are performed on mechanical Segway to confirm that Mechanical Segway operating very well and high efficient rate.

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