The use of quad copter in the field of armed appliances has grown drastically to operate in dangerous situations where human can be safe at a distance. The quad-copter is one of the most complex flying machines due to its versatility to perform many types of tasks. Classical quad-copters are usually equipped with a four rotors. Quad-copters are symmetrical vehicles with four equally sized rotors at the end of four equal length rods. The objective of this project is to build a quad-copter that can be controlled by joystick wirelessly. User is able to control motions of the quad-copter in three dimension.


Future of a quad-copter is quite vast based on various application fields it can be applied to. Quad-copter can be used for conducting rescue operations where it’s humanly impossible to reach. In terms of its military applications it can be more widely used for surveillance purposes, without risking a human life. As more automated quad-copters are being developed, there range of applications increases and hence we can ensure there commercialization. Thus quad-copter can be used in day to day working of a human life, ensuring their well-being. With further study and advancement in technology, designers are quite sure that a quad-copter can be used for construction of huge towers and buildings. The main advantage in the future use of a quad-copter for various purposes is that risk to human life, may it be because of war or due to commercial accidents can be greatly avoided. The future of quad-copter sure is bright and not far ahead.

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