This project attempts to show how energy can be tapped and used at a commonly used system, the generation of electricity through the speed breaker mechanism. Generation of electricity through the speed breaker mechanism is one of the most recent power generation concepts. This device converts the kinetic energy of the vehicles into electric energy by installing movable speed breaker on the road, it takes the stroke motion of the vehicles and converts it to the rotary motion by rack and pinion mechanism and it generates the electricity. This project also explains clearly, the working principle of the designed system, its practical implementation, and its advantages. The components have been fabricated and assembled. Practical testing of the system has been done with different loads at different speeds. The utilization of energy is an indication of the growth of a nation. One might conclude that to be materially rich and prosperous, a human being needs to consume more and more energy. And this project is best source of energy that we get in day to day life.

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