Wind Energy is a renewable source of energy. Today, the output power from wind turbines can be utilized in two ways, either by direct use of the mechanical shaft power (through a gearing ratio) or by letting the wind turbine power an electrical generator, and utilizing the generated power as electrical power. Recent advances in the wind energy harnessing techniques have revealed many modern applications Battery charging at remote telecommunication stations, domestic heating and lighting, hybrid systems, where a generator is run by diesel are few common examples in the present scenario. It is widely accepted fact that we need to switch on to the non-conventional energy sources. This paper brings a new possibility for the utilization of the wind generated power, for various electrical components inside a typical railway train through the batteries charged by the wind energy harnessed by a series of wind turbines mounted at the top of the train coaches. This paper deals with the design and development of a wind turbine system with a concept of generation of electricity as an auxiliary source in the train.

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