Automobile Engineering Project

Regenerative braking system Electromagnetic clutch system Autobraking system solar car solar e bike automatic pneumatic gear shifting paddle based water pump paddle based electricity generation paddle based hacksaw water sparay pump trolley Fork lifter segway seed planter paddy planter pipe inspection vehicle garbage collecting vehicle disk brake system Robotic arm based vehicle Unmanned vehicle remote… Read More Automobile Engineering Project

Synopsis On Hydraulic Bridge

Synopsis  on  Hydraulic Bridge INTRODUCTION Hydraulic bridge is our major project . in this project we will move bridge using hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic actuators controlled energy to the punch. so the Operator needs to provide only modest effort regardless of conditions. Hydraulic Punching machine helps to make hole in Various size by changing tool. As… Read More Synopsis On Hydraulic Bridge

Synopsis On Seed Planter

Synopsis On      Seed Planter Abstract The basic requirements for small scale cropping machines are, they should be suitable for small farms, simple in design and technology and versatile for use in different farm operations. A manually operated template row planter was designed and developed to improve planting efficiency and reduce drudgery involved in… Read More Synopsis On Seed Planter

Synopsis on Foursided hacksaw motorised based

SYNOPSIS ON FOUR WAY HACKSAW SOLAR BASED INTRODUCTION: We have pleasure in introducing our new project “AUTOMATIC OPERATED FOUR WAY HACKSAW”, which is fully equipped by sensors circuit and wiper motor. It is a genuine project which is fully equipped and designed for Machines. The FOUR WAY HACKSAW system is a fully automation project. This… Read More Synopsis on Foursided hacksaw motorised based


PROJECT SYNOPSIS ON INTELLIGENT BRAKING SYSTEM Submitted To: Submitted By: Abstract: we provide project solution kits and ready projects call us 9888708401 Accident prevention has been one of the leading areas of research today. Our paper is designed to prevent accidents due to loss of control, drunken driving, and rash driving, using circuitry aided by… Read More SYNOPSIS ON INTELLIGENT BRAKING SYSTEM

Synopsis on Solar Spray Pump

Synopsis on Solar Spray Pump Introduction: Spraying of pesticides is an important task in agriculture for protecting the crops from insects. Farmers mainly use hand operated or fuel operated spray pump for this task. This conventional sprayer causes user fatigue due to excessive bulky and heavy construction. This motivated us to design and fabricate a… Read More Synopsis on Solar Spray Pump

Synopsis on Gear Less Power Transmission

Introduction: Mechanical Project on Gear less Transmission Gear-less transmission is a compact and portable equipment, which is skillful and having something in practice in the transmitting power at right angle without manufactured and can be made in less time. This project uses EL-Bow mechanism which is an ingenious link mechanism of slider and kinematic chain… Read More Synopsis on Gear Less Power Transmission