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civil projects

Design of a Shopping Mall
Warehouse Redesign Process: A case study at Enics Sweden
Representing New Urban Image: Developments on Brownfield Areas in Tallinn and Budapest
Redesigning Palacky Square to Stimulate Social Interaction
Using Non-linear Vibration Techniques to Detect Damage in Concrete Bridges
Earth quake protection building

Solar gass cutter


regenrative braking system

In this project we will generate electricity from brake applied in vehicle.

project will generate electricity and  will protect from slipage of vehicle also.

Tyre will be used for opposite forces.

in this project there will be a cucle tyre will be fixed on rod. tyre will move using a motor. when brakes applied then brake tyre will touch with cycle tyre. electricty of motor during this duration will be stopped .

when opposite brake tyre touch with cycle tyre then brake tyre will rotate shaft of dynamo

so electricity will generate

Rack and Pinion Based Car Parking system

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in this project we will make wood platform to park car.


there will be metalled geared railing -racks to move cart on it . cart will carry car.

cart will have a up down rack assembly to carry car on 2nd floor.

Project will be totally rack and gear based . spur gear will be attached with motors and cart. it will help electrically .

when switch on  motors will move and cart will move forward and backword

up and down

there will be pusher on cart to move car on stand on different floors



Hydraulic/ Pneumatic based Zig Zag Bridge



Pneumatic based Bridge with zig zag function

in this project we will make a project fro army to work in remote area, hilly areas, river areas.

bridge shape will be zig zag type


pneumatic pump will open bridge

Pneumatic crane / hydraulic crane

pneumatic crane

pneumatic crane is our major project

in this project we will use pneumatic cyllinder to move crane up and down

a stand will be made for it.

can pick 1000 gm to 1500gm weight

Industrial Automation using robotics

It is a big project for 7 to 8 students. project can be made small on demand.

there will be two hitech robotic arm with double arm sport and acrylic jaws.

cather will be classical in view.

there will be drilling process.  a job pusher will automatically push job in job frame or jig.

A drill will start drilling.

robotic arm will pick job after drilling  and place job on conveyor.

at other end robotic arm will pick that object and place in heat chamber.

after heating process then our job is ready for packing

Packing process cost will be extra if some one need.

Water spray pump trolley

in this project we will use a plastic chamber for water storage. it will be installed on a moving platform.

when our trolley moves then it will work as pump . it will help to sary water .

a pipe and nozzle of aluminium tip will fitted with water chamber.

trolley will have a handle to move here and there

Regenerative Braking system

Project price Only  rs. 2500

in this project when brakes applied in vehicle then our system will generate electrical energy from slippage of tyre. we will make contact of alternator with tyre so that it shaft will move.

Rotating shaft will generate electricity.

we can store this electricity for charging battery

Later electricity can be used for street lights.