Gear Less Transmission


Mechanical Project on Gear less Transmission

Gear-less transmission is a compact and portable equipment, which is skillful and having something in practise in the transmitting power at right angle without manufactured and can be made in less time. This project uses EL-Bow mechanism which is an ingenious link mechanism of slider and kinematic chain principle. This is also called as “gear less transmission mechanism” and is very useful for transmitting motion at right angles.

This mechanism is for transmitting motions at any fixed angle between the driving and driven shaft. The synthesis of this mechanism would reveal that it comprises of a number of pins would be between 3 to 8 the more the pins the smoother the operation.

These pins slide inside hollow cylinders thus formatting a sliding pair

Our mechanism has 3 such sliding pairs. These cylinders are placed in a hollow pipe and are fastened at 120* to each other. This whole assemble is mounted on brackets wooden table. Power is supplied by an electric motor.


In this project rotational motion around an axis usually involves gears, which can quickly become complicated, inflexible and clumsy look. So, instead of using gears this technology elegantly converts rotational motion using a set of cylindrical bars bents to 90 degree, in a clever, simple and smooth process that translates strong rotational force even in restricted spaces.

A gear less transmission is provided for transmitting rotational velocity from an input connected to three bent links. Both the input shaft and housing have rotational axes.

The rotational axes of the input shaft is disposed at an angle of 90 degree with respect to the rotational axes of the housing. As a result, rotation of the input shaft results in a processional motion of the axes of the bent link. The rotary and reciprocating motion of bent link transmit rotation of prime mover to 90 degree without any gear system to an output shaft without gears. The transmission includes the input shaft.