Mechanical Milk Stirrer


In this project we are making an automatic milk stirrer system which is agriculture based project. As we normally see that at the confectionery stores to make milk products firstly the shop keepers boil the milk for several hours to make them in a proper situation so that we can make milk products from them. While boiling the milk one condition is always applicable that we have to stirrer the milk continuously that it won’t get burn at all. So, to serve this purpose we have to arrange a person for this work. Sometimes due to any mistake the milk gets burn, so there is huge loss in that thing. So to make these things reliable for a person and to save the human power and time we have tried to make automatic product for stirring the milk. We are using crown and pinion mechanism to make the milk stirrer to stirr the milk properly.

The project is divided into following parts:

1. Mechanical standard

2. Spur Gears mechanism

3. Crown and pinion gear mechanism

4. Shafts and bearing mechanism

5. DC Motor arrangements

Material Required

  • DC Motor 12 volts, 60 r.p.m

  • Bearings

  • Angle

  • Patti

  • Mild steel

  • Pipe

  • Iron rode

  • Adapter 12 volts 3 amperes