Smart Wheel Chair


  • To design a stair-climbing wheelchair for disabled person with lower limb

disability in order to increase their mobility

  • To fabricate an automatic wheel chair for disabled person.


One-fifth of the estimated global population, i.e. between 110 million and 190 millionpeople, experience significant disabilities. Disabilities of various parts such as eye, ear, hand, leg etc. Limb disability is one of the disabilities which are caused due to various reasons such as deformation by birth, war, disorders such as diabetes. Lower limb of sports person also suffers huge blows while playing and are always at the risk of suffering severe injuries. These injures sometimes may be a permanent disability. The first records of wheeled seats being used for transporting disabled people date to three centuries later in China; the Chinese used early wheelbarrows to move people as well as heavy objects. A distinction between the two functions was not made for another several hundred years, around 525 AD, when images of wheeled chairs made specifically to carry people begin to occur in Chinese art. Wheelchair is used by people who have difficulty in mobility. Generally people who use are,

1. Lower limb disabled people

2. Patients at the hospitals

3. Elderly people.

Material Required

  • Tyres (6 inch)

  • Angle patti

  • Mild steel sheet

  • DC Motors

  • Two way mechanical switches

  • Electrical wire

  • DC battery’s

  • Electrical tape

  • Welding rod

  • Cutting Wheel

  • Nut bolts

  • Screws

  • Metallic Pipe


  1. Low cost
  2. Reliable
  3. Portable
  4. Easy to use- system is very easy to understand


This can be used by the disabled and elder people for climbing the stairs automatically. The second most advantage of this product is that it can walk on plain surface as well as on the stairs. We are providing both the functionality by introducing three external tyres with a locking mechanism.

This can be used in hospitals most of the cases when the patients are supposed to shift from the wards for their medical treatments on daily basis.


From the many types of stair climbing wheelchairs, we can see that some of them like Manuscale, Vardaan use manual method for movement and high effort might be needed to climb the stairs. The person on the power wheelchair can sit in comfort while it climbs the stairs but those wheelchairs are not available in India. Even if they can be imported from other countries the total cost would be very high (i.e. around 9 lakhs). Hence an attempt is required to make an indigenous and cost effective stair-climbing wheelchair.