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Synopsis On Automatic Drain Cleaner 9888708401

  1. Complete project cost Rs 12k + transportation charges
  2. Project Report


Automatic Drain Cleaner


Cleaning of drains/gutters has always been a problem. Labors cleaning gutters & drain seems unethical and also leads to a high risk of them catching infections or poisoning due to large amounts of waste/chemicals in them. Also throwing of bottles/plastics and other such objects into the gutters lead to narrowing and eventually blockage in gutter flow. This leads to overflow in many cases. So here we provide a fully automated drain gutter cleaning mechanism to tackle these modern day gutter jamming issues. Our system uses an automated gutter/drain cleaning system that lets fluids flow through it but catches large solid waste like bottles & plastic and accumulates it. So gutter cleaners need to just clean these gutter cleaning systems installed at points instead of cleaning entire gutter floors. Our system consists of metal teeth based jaws that wait at the bottom of the mechanism. It is mounted in a frame to hold the system upright in the gutter. The vertical frame bed is used to let liquid flow but catch all solid waste. The mechanism consists of a filter basket on top of it. After particular time intervals the jaw lifts up using a motorized shaft which is connected using a chain to the jaws. It then reaches the top and turns upside down to dump the solid waste. Now after dumping the waste, the motor rotates again to bring the jaw again to the bottom position to collect more waste. The system is a very efficient way to cleaning gutters & drains and also requires very low power since it will only rotate once or twice a day to dump the solid waste

Waste water is defined as the flow of used water from homes, businesses, industries, commercial activities and institutions which are subjected to the treatment plants by a carefully designed and engineered network of pipes. There are large no.of machines used for removing out the wastes from drains.

Material Required:

  • Sprocket Gears

  • Welding Set

  • Cutters

  • grinding wheels

  • Angle 1.5 inch 3 mm 20 feet

  • Chain with special hole ¾ inch pitch

  • Sheet metal

  • Wire 3 mm 3 feet

  • Sheet 3 feet x 3 feet

  • DC Motor

  • Battery

drain cleaner9drain cleanerdrain cleaner 8


In this project we are using Dc motors to operate the project. Dc motors is being used to rotate sprocket gear which helps in moving the chain mechanism. The metal plates which are being used to clean the wastage materials are attached to the chain by using hooks. So when we give power supply to the DC

Motor through the 12 Volts battery it starts revolving. It helps in moving the sprocket gear as well as the chain mechanism. Hence with the movement of the chain our metal plates starts moving Up and Down. It starts collecting the wastage material on them and through them out to the garbage container which is attached with the metallic stand on the back side. For the blockage of the wastage material we are using a net which will block the wastage material at one pint. After that metal plates will collect the wastage material form the bottom of the structure and will through it out to the garbage cleaner.


  1. Low cost
  2. Reliable
  3. Portable
  4. Flexible
  5. Easy to use- system is very easy to understand


  • Used for cleaning the water in canals and rivers.


After all the testing we are successful in representing our idea of the project in practical way. The project on which we are working, is working with very ease and efficient way. We are able to fetch out the wastage material from the water and be able to collect it in the garbage collector container.

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Accident detection with prevention using gps and gsm



Accident Detection uisng GPS


Prevention system with Alcohol Sensing





Electronics and Communication Engineering

Session 2010-2014

Department of ECE

Submitted To:- Submitted By:-

Er. Mandeep Kaur Mohit Sood



S. No.


Page No.





Introduction in Brief



Design of Problem Solution



Methodology Planning of Work



Facilities provided for proposed work






S. No.


Page No.


Figure 1.1 – Block Diagram of Project GPS and GSM Security



Figure 1.2 – Circuit Diagram of Project GPS and GSM Security



  • GPS and GSM modem Study.

  • How can we send data as a SMS

  • 8051 based Project- it’s easy to work on it.


In this project we will make project using 89s51. In this project we will sense the accident and our system will automatically send SMS of location on our mobile no.Alcohol sensor will be uses for alcohol detection by driver or not. In this project we will use GPS to monitor current location. GSM modem to send SMS. Then sensor on that side will detect the car using Reed sensor. When sensor will get signal from car having magnet, then it will give signal to microcontroller 89s51. Microcontroller will display that station LCD connected with it. So wherever our robotic car will go our sensor will read it and Display ON . We will use 16*2 LCD for this purpose. We will connect REED sensor for car detection. We are using IC89s51 because we studying it in degree. We know about it. We will connect sensors on port 1 and LCD on port0. Register select pin of LCD on p2. 5, READ/WRITE on p2.4, Enable on p2.3. port 0 is open collector port so we will connect 10k register array with it.

We will use GSM modem SIM 300 it will work at 9600 baud rate

We will use GPS receiver GR 87 that works on baud rate 4800

Both will be connected serially with Microcontroller. Microcontroller is connected from serial port with MAX 232. And Max232 is connected with Both Module – GSM and GPS. There will LCD 16×2 which will show Latitude and longitude Coordinates. When any interrupt at pin 21 of Micornctroller then our system will send coordinates by message to particular saved no.


LCD Display






16*2 LCD

5 v dc circuit


9v supply



and GPS





Accident Detection



Alcohol SENSORs

gps gsm security ciruit








Figure 1.1 – Block Diagram of Project GPS and GSM Security

Figure 1.2 – Circuit Diagram of Project GPS and GSM Security


In this project methodology is we are using AT commands. We will use AT commands to send and receive messages. GPS give 32 character message which we will save in some array. And will transmit on particular saved


Time Required

Study Material

All data Collected


Ordered to local vendor in Ludhiana

Testing & mounting Components

Two Weeks Required

Final Troubleshooting

Two Weeks Required


Two Weeks Required



Look around. Notice the smart “intelligent” systems? Be it the T.V, washing machines, video games, telephones, automobiles, aero planes, power systems, or any application having a LED or a LCD as a user interface, the control is likely to be in the hands of a micro controller!

Measure and control, that’s where the micro controller is at its best.

Micro controllers are here to stay. Going by the current trend, it is obvious that micro controllers will be playing bigger and bigger roles in the different activities of our lives.

So where does this scenario leave us? Think about it……

The world of Micro controllers

What is the primary difference between a microprocessor and a micro controller? Unlike the microprocessor, the micro controller can be considered to be a true “Computer on a chip”.

In addition to the various features like the ALU, PC, SP and registers found on a microprocessor, the micro controller also incorporates features like the ROM, RAM, Ports, timers, clock circuits, counters, reset functions etc.

While the microprocessor is more a general-purpose device, used for read, write and calculations on data, the micro controller, in addition to the above functions also controls the environment.

We have used a whole lot of technical terms already! Don’t get worried about the meanings at this point. We shall understand these terms as we proceed further

For now just be aware of the fact, that all these terms literally mean what they say.

Bits and Bytes

Before starting on the 8051, here is a quick run through on the bits and bytes. The basic unit of data for a computer is a bit. Four bits make a nibble. Eight bits or two nibbles make a byte. Sixteen bits or four nibbles or two bytes make a word.

1024 bytes make a kilobyte or 1KB, and 1024 KB make a Mega Byte or 1MB.

Thus when we talk of an 8-bit register, we mean the register is capable of holding data of 8 bits only.

The 8051

The 8051 developed and launched in the early 80`s, is one of the most popular micro controller in use today. It has a reasonably large amount of built in ROM and RAM. In addition it has the ability to access external memory.

The generic term `8×51` is used to define the device. The value of x defining the kind of ROM, i.e. x=0, indicates none, x=3, indicates mask ROM, x=7, indicates EPROM and x=9 indicates EEPROM or Flash.

A note on ROM

The early 8051, namely the 8031 was designed without any ROM. This device could run only with external memory connected to it. Subsequent developments lead to the development of the PROM or the programmable ROM. This type had the disadvantage of being highly unreliable.

The next in line, was the EPROM or Erasable Programmable ROM. These devices used ultraviolet light erasable memory cells. Thus a program could be loaded, tested and erased using ultra violet rays. A new program could then be loaded again.

An improved EPROM was the EEPROM or the electrically erasable PROM. This does not require ultra violet rays, and memory can be cleared using circuits within the chip itself.

Finally there is the FLASH, which is an improvement over the EEPROM. While the terms EEPROM and flash are sometimes used interchangeably, the difference lies in the fact that flash erases the complete memory at one stroke, and not act on the individual cells. This results in reducing the time for erasure.

Understanding the basic features of the 8051 core

Let’s now move on to a practical example. We shall work on a simple practical application and using the example as a base, shall explore the various features of the 8051 microcontroller.

Consider an electric circuit as follows,


The positive side (+ve) of the battery is connected to one side of a switch. The other side of the switch is connected to a bulb or LED (Light Emitting Diode). The bulb is then connected to a resistor, and the other end of the resistor is connected to the negative (-ve) side of the battery.

When the switch is closed or ‘switched on’ the bulb glows. When the switch is open or ‘switched off’ the bulb goes off

If you are instructed to put the switch on and off every 30 seconds, how would you do it? Obviously you would keep looking at your watch and every time the second hand crosses 30 seconds you would keep turning the switch on and off.

Imagine if you had to do this action consistently for a full day. Do you think you would be able to do it? Now if you had to do this for a month, a year??

No way, you would say!

The next step would be, then to make it automatic. This is where we use the Microcontroller.

But if the action has to take place every 30 seconds, how will the microcontroller keep track of time?

Execution time

Look at the following instruction,
clr p1.0


  • In this project we will use GPS and GSM for vehicle location identity. We can use GPS system for other applications also. We can also use for child security and person Identity .


  • MCU 89S52

  • Crystal 111.0592 MHz- 1 nos.

  • On/off Switch- 1 nos.

  • Diodes IN 4001- 10 nos.

  • Optocoupler 817- 2nos.

  • Cap 10µf,0.1 µf,330µf

  • Transistors -547or 548

  • Resistances 330 Ω,8.2kΩ,30pf

  • LED

  • IC7805 voltage Regulator

  • Motors dc

  • Infrared sensors set

  • Copper Clad board

  • Ply board

  • Ferric Chloride

  • Wires

  • Soldering iron

  • Soldering wire

  • Flux

  • Universal Programmer

Software Required

  • UMPS











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