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Synopsis On Automatic Drain Cleaner 9888708401

  1. Complete project cost Rs 12k + transportation charges
  2. Project Report


Automatic Drain Cleaner


Cleaning of drains/gutters has always been a problem. Labors cleaning gutters & drain seems unethical and also leads to a high risk of them catching infections or poisoning due to large amounts of waste/chemicals in them. Also throwing of bottles/plastics and other such objects into the gutters lead to narrowing and eventually blockage in gutter flow. This leads to overflow in many cases. So here we provide a fully automated drain gutter cleaning mechanism to tackle these modern day gutter jamming issues. Our system uses an automated gutter/drain cleaning system that lets fluids flow through it but catches large solid waste like bottles & plastic and accumulates it. So gutter cleaners need to just clean these gutter cleaning systems installed at points instead of cleaning entire gutter floors. Our system consists of metal teeth based jaws that wait at the bottom of the mechanism. It is mounted in a frame to hold the system upright in the gutter. The vertical frame bed is used to let liquid flow but catch all solid waste. The mechanism consists of a filter basket on top of it. After particular time intervals the jaw lifts up using a motorized shaft which is connected using a chain to the jaws. It then reaches the top and turns upside down to dump the solid waste. Now after dumping the waste, the motor rotates again to bring the jaw again to the bottom position to collect more waste. The system is a very efficient way to cleaning gutters & drains and also requires very low power since it will only rotate once or twice a day to dump the solid waste

Waste water is defined as the flow of used water from homes, businesses, industries, commercial activities and institutions which are subjected to the treatment plants by a carefully designed and engineered network of pipes. There are large no.of machines used for removing out the wastes from drains.

Material Required:

  • Sprocket Gears

  • Welding Set

  • Cutters

  • grinding wheels

  • Angle 1.5 inch 3 mm 20 feet

  • Chain with special hole ¾ inch pitch

  • Sheet metal

  • Wire 3 mm 3 feet

  • Sheet 3 feet x 3 feet

  • DC Motor

  • Battery

drain cleaner9drain cleanerdrain cleaner 8


In this project we are using Dc motors to operate the project. Dc motors is being used to rotate sprocket gear which helps in moving the chain mechanism. The metal plates which are being used to clean the wastage materials are attached to the chain by using hooks. So when we give power supply to the DC

Motor through the 12 Volts battery it starts revolving. It helps in moving the sprocket gear as well as the chain mechanism. Hence with the movement of the chain our metal plates starts moving Up and Down. It starts collecting the wastage material on them and through them out to the garbage container which is attached with the metallic stand on the back side. For the blockage of the wastage material we are using a net which will block the wastage material at one pint. After that metal plates will collect the wastage material form the bottom of the structure and will through it out to the garbage cleaner.


  1. Low cost
  2. Reliable
  3. Portable
  4. Flexible
  5. Easy to use- system is very easy to understand


  • Used for cleaning the water in canals and rivers.


After all the testing we are successful in representing our idea of the project in practical way. The project on which we are working, is working with very ease and efficient way. We are able to fetch out the wastage material from the water and be able to collect it in the garbage collector container.

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