Electrical projects

Earth leakage fault detection. Electricity theft detecteion with wireless monotoring. electricity theft detection with load measurement. electricity theft detection with sms alert. electrical theft detection monitoring by PC. electricity theft detection using PLC control system arduino based class bell management system. arduino based elctrical distribution controll system. wifi based irrigation control using android appA GSM… Read More Electrical projects

Accident detection with prevention using gps and gsm

PROJECT SYNOPSIS ON Accident Detection uisng GPS and Prevention system with Alcohol Sensing MAJOR PROJECT AT BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY IN Electronics and Communication Engineering Session 2010-2014 Department of ECE Submitted To:- Submitted By:- Er. Mandeep Kaur Mohit Sood 100140413269 Index S. No. Topic Page No. 1 Objective 4 2 Introduction in Brief 4 3 Design… Read More Accident detection with prevention using gps and gsm

car lift jack electrical operated

in this project we will make jack that will be up and down with remote . operated with battery and DC geared motor. A mechanical jack is a device which lifts heavy equipment. The most common form is a car jack, floor jack or garage jack which lifts vehicles so that maintenance can be performed. Car jacks usually use mechanical advantage to allow a… Read More car lift jack electrical operated